Kenaz Filan

Kenaz is a writer, author, and musician. His first instrument was the clarinet, but he’s a lover of all woodwinds. His favorite method of musical expression is singing. His music collection ranges from contemporary to classical and jazz. He loves a little bit of everything, even progressive rock. While a bit out of the box, Kenaz credits Emerson, Lake & Palmer as the catalyst for his interest in classical music.

Best Yamaha Saxophones Brand Guide

Yamaha’s instruments are highly regarded by musicians, and Yamaha saxophones are no exception. For nearly 60 years Yamaha has been making high-quality instruments for students, professionals, and enthusiastic amateur musicians alike. Yamaha saxophones are famous for their reliability, durability, and tone. But which Yamaha saxophone is best for you? I’ve consulted musicians, studied specs, and …

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