Lacey Jackson

Lacey began her musical career playing the piano and writing original songs to sing with her friends at a 4th-grade “graduation” ceremony. She's actively participated in school, community, and church choirs throughout her life. Music is her passion and she loves sharing that passion with you!

Violin Prices Guide

Summary:  With this violin prices guide, you will get a better understanding of what violin prices are for different musical skills and what you can expect in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and accessories in each category.  It is always good to know how to find the best violin for your skill, age, and budget. But …

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Violin Parts Explained

The violin is a very delicate instrument known for its craftsmanship. It gives a rich, warm tone to any musical group so long as it is maintained well. Still, to truly understand how to maintain something, I advise you to understand how it works. With different violin parts explained, you can better appreciate how they …

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