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Bottom Line Up Front: In this best Mendini clarinets guide, you will learn why Mendini clarinets are fantastic for beginners and students and why the Mendini MCT-JE2 is one of the best options.

Mendini clarinets are owned by the parent company, which means you get the highest quality, particularly where beginner clarinets are concerned. Mendini instruments have a wide range of choices, starting with basic designs for a beginner all the way through more premium designs meant to grow with the skill set of intermediate and advanced musicians.

With this best Mendini clarinets guide, you will see why the craftsmanship for the top clarinets are well-suited to different skill levels and why the appearance, style, and functionality of Mendini clarinets outpaces the competition. I recommend the Mendini MCT-JE2 as the most popular option, particularly for beginners.

Why Mendini

Mendini is one of the top companies for beginner instruments. They have a wide variety of stringed instruments, percussion instruments, and clarinets. The brand has been in operation long enough to make a name for itself amongst music teachers and musicians alike.

The Good

  • Mendini clarinets are some of the least expensive on the market. You will get decent sound and a very even tone for just a few hundred dollars at most.
  • Mendini clarinets always have a full set of accessories, so you get everything you need to immediately start putting your instrument together and playing no matter which instruments you choose to purchase.
  • Mendini clarinets give you 2 barrels as part of the accessory package so you can tune your clarinet as soon as you start playing.
  • Mendini clarinets are easy to play compared to most beginner or student clarinets. This is perfect for new players who need something that doesn’t inhibit their learning process.
  • Mendini clarinets are very durable. They last a long time which means if you have a student or a child in your family who is starting with the clarinet, purchasing one of the options listed in this best Mendini clarinets guide is very likely to last the majority of the time they spend playing that instrument until such time as they reach a more professional or advanced level. 

The Bad

  • The corks are usually a little too tight, even if you use the cork grease. For that reason, I recommend you simply be aware of this and file them down as necessary when you are setting up your instrument. This is a small price to pay for the value you get and the durability provided by the Mendini brand.
  • Similarly, any beginner instrument that gives you all of the accessories you need will not provide you with the absolute best or top-of-the-line accessories. If you have a child in your family who is just starting to play an instrument, this doesn’t matter. When my children began playing the clarinet, I wasn’t even sure that they would play it beyond 1 or 2 years, so having middle-of-the-road or substandard cork grease and reeds was of no consequence. As an adult, I still remain very frugal, and I love investing in good quality, long-lasting instruments by Mendini for myself. However, I take the accessories with a grain of salt and know that I will probably pay a little extra to replace things like the reeds, something I did with my second Mendini clarinet.

Best Mendini Clarinets Guide

In this guide, you need to know what makes Mendini stand out and which Mendini clarinet is best for your skill level. My selection criteria for this best Mendini Clarinets guide are various musical skills, materials, and accessories. 

Mendini MCT-JE2

The best recommendation is the Mendini MCT-JE2. In this best Mendini clarinets guide, you have a few different options from which to choose. Still, this particular model is perfect for students who are anywhere in between beginner and intermediate.

This particular model is one of the most popular for students and beginners because it has a lot of choices, particularly where color is concerned. Tuned to the key of B-flat, this particular clarinet is highly regarded for its playability, projection, and range of style. There are nine different colors, more than any other Mendini clarinet model, so you have many options from which to choose. It is also straightforward to play in contrast to other options listed in this best Mendini clarinets guide for intermediate and advanced players like the Mendini red edition.

You get a lot of accessories. Firstly, there is a hard case with handles and a shoulder strap to be carried around by hand or worn like a backpack. This makes it a lot easier to transport in many situations like going to and from classes in school or taking it to and from music lessons as an adult. You also get a mouthpiece, ten reeds, two barrels, a cleaning cloth, a folding stand, gloves, and a book with introductory lessons and daily practice guides.

With this particular model, you do get a standard, beginner mouthpiece. Still, you have the option of exchanging this mouthpiece for something a bit more advanced, especially if you have played enough to know what type of clarinet mouthpiece you prefer.


  • Most popular B flat model for students
  • Comes with accessories like a hard case, shoulder strap, cork grease, cleaning cloth, and more
  • Mody made with plastic and keys made with nickel
  • 60mm bore neck
  • Adjustable thumb rest 


  • Does not have a lifespan beyond a few years for most regular players
  • Cannot be tuned to 440, so if you are part of a band, you might not be able to use it

Mendini MCT

Beginners and intermediates should consider the Mendini MCT. This is another iteration of the Mendini clarinet listed above, part of the B-flat clarinet Series. This is a common student design, but it features eight different colors, which I love. As a mother, my kids never want to have instruments or toys exactly the same as their siblings or anyone else in school. Choosing from multiple colors means that each of my kids feels like they have a different instrument, even if it’s the same make and model.

The body is made from high-quality plastic and is perfect for any young musicians in music groups or music classes in school. The inline trill keys are crafted from nickel with a very comfortable thumb rest. It’s a sturdy yet easily managed instrument at only 10 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches in size. There is a hard case so that it can be easily transported from one place to the next. You also get a wide range of accessories, and all of those accessories fit conveniently into the hardshell case.

To me, having accessories, especially those that help a new musician like the pocketbook for daily practice or the spare reeds, can tip the scales in favor of a particular model because it addresses the long-term needs of a musician rather than just aiming to get a one-time purchase.

Please make sure that you apply the cork grease when you order this particular model when you put your clarinet together. If you don’t, you will find it very difficult to put all the pieces together and play the right notes. I learned this the hard way. 

The reeds are 2.5. The strength of the reeds in your clarinet plays a significant role in the strength of the instrument in the sound you get. A different strength might produce a more well-rounded tone, especially for intermediate or advanced players somewhere around 1.5. You can always invest in other reeds once you have purchased this Mendini clarinet and swap them out.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Wood body which is preferable for many players


  • Pads might need to be adjusted for professional players

Mendini Red

If you are an intermediate through the professional musician and really want a Mendini clarinet, I recommend the Mendini Red. The reason being, this particular model is tailored to meet the needs of more advanced musicians. This is another B flat clarinet with nickel-plated keys, so you get a very reliable, durable sound. It also lasts a few years longer than the beginner models.

With quality control, you get a smooth sound each time you play. For those who have experience with woodwind instruments or any other instrument switching to the clarinet, there is a pocket-sized practice book included that has study references for people who want to familiarize themselves with this particular instrument.

I’m a massive fan of any clarinet starter kit with all the pieces you need, and this Mendini clarinet kit is no exception. In addition to the book, you also get two barrels, a hard case in which to store your instrument, cork grease for putting it all together, the mouthpiece, 2.5-inch reeds, a cleaning cloth, gloves for handling, and a foldable clarinet stand.

With a high level of intonation and a very sharp sound, the foldable design of the stand lets you take this quality instrument with you to and from rehearsals or practices, even performances. However, the foldable design of the clarinet stand is something typically associated with beginner models or student models. If you are a more advanced or intermediate musician, chances are you are ready to invest in something a bit sturdier and particularly something more permanent. You can always invest in this Mendini clarinet and still find another clarinet stand to go with your instrument.


  • Good model for intermediate through advanced players
  • Comes with a range of accessories 
  • Has a guidebook with study references
  • Multiple colors available


  • You might have to sand down the cork when putting it together to get everything to fit properly
  • Hard to play as a beginner


Question: How Much are Mendini Clarinets?

Answer: Mendini clarinets are an excellent investment because they have all the starter accessories you need to play your instrument immediately. Investing in a Mendini clarinet usually means you benefit from spare parts, cork grease, mouthpieces, and a carrying case. The quality of the instrument you choose and the quality of the support of accessories will determine the price. In general, you can expect to spend between $100 and $200 on Mendini clarinets.

Question: What are Mendini Clarinets Made Of?

Answer: Mendini clarinets are usually made of ASB plastic for the instrument’s body and nickel for the other components. The exterior of different clarinets like those listed in this best Mendini clarinets guide might be available in multiple colors. However, they are still constructed with ASB plastic that has simply been dyed a particular color.

Question: What are Good Beginner Clarinets?

Answer: When looking for beginner or student models for clarinets, Mendini by Cecilio is one of the most popular brands. They offer reliable, affordable instruments that come with various accessories so that beginners have everything they need to get started. 

Question: Are Mendini Clarinets Good?

Answer: Mendini clarinets are one of the top brands from which to choose. Mendini is owned by Cecilio, which is one of the best brands for multiple instruments, including stringed instruments and wind instruments like the clarinet. Everything goes through strict quality control and is regularly tested at various points along the production chain to ensure quality construction.


I recommend the Mendini MCT-JE2 clarinet as the most popular in this best Mendini clarinets guide because there are so many options where color and design are concerned. Still, the functionality is perfect for students and beginners. Of course, you have to consider your personal skill level when deciding on the best Mendini clarinets. Still, once you have opted to invest in this high-end brand, you will undoubtedly appreciate why it is a cut above its competition.

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