How to Find the Best Mendini Flutes Guide

Are you tired of thinking about playing the flute? Before you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars, consider the best Mendini flutes guide.

These flutes may not be the most popular, but they do have a place in a flute section. So consider if they might be the right choice for you as you start to learn the flute.

Best Mendini Flutes Guide

When shopping for a flute, you may come across the brand Mendini. Some flute players will tell you that Mendini flutes are always bad and that you should avoid them like the plague.

Now, I used to believe that, but I’ve realized that they do have a purpose. So if you’re a beginner, consider the best Mendini flutes and how they can help you start playing music.

For this guide, I looked for Mendini flutes that were easy to find online. They also had to be affordable and include a few accessories, such as care supplies.

Finally, I looked at both flutes and piccolos, since both are part of the flute family, and Mendini doesn’t sell that many different concert flutes. Without further ado, here are some of the best Mendini flutes to try.

Beginner Flute

The most basic flute from Mendini is great for beginners on a tight budget. It features a lot of the same specs as more expensive student models, such as closed holes and silver plating.

You get a C footjoint, so you can play down to the lowest C in the flute’s range. It even has a split E mechanism, which helps facilitate the E above the staff. Some more expensive flutes don’t have that mechanism.

The flute also comes with plenty of accessories, such as a polishing cloth, a flute stand, and a basic book with some tips to play. Everything comes in a nice case to help protect the flute when you aren’t playing.

This model is a great choice for anyone thinking about learning an instrument. If you can’t afford to spend more, you can give the flute a try, and you don’t have to worry about renting the flute either.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with accessories
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Not the best quality

Premium Grade Model

Another beginner flute to consider from Mendini is the Premium Grade model. The flute has a lot of the same features as the other one, such as closed holes and a C footjoint.

You also get a split E mechanism to help you play high E. While you may not need that feature at first, it can come in handy if you learn quickly and get to the top octave in a few months of playing.

This flute does cost a bit more than the other one, and it comes with a lot of the same accessories. However, the flute book that comes with it is a little different.

If you’re looking for a beginner model, this can be a good choice. But it’s not as good of an option if you already have a flute and are looking for an upgrade.


  • Good features
  • Comes with accessories
  • Affordable


  • Not the most durable


If you want an affordable flute with a few more specs, try the MFE-30S. This flute has open holes and a low B footjoint, so you can play one note lower than on some flutes.

The open holes also allow you to play certain quarter tones, which fall between the traditional notes. You also get a set of plugs in case you want to play it like a closed-hole flute and to help transition to using open holes.

Like the other models, this one comes with a few accessories to help you take care of the flute. You get a cleaning rod and cloth to get moisture out of the instrument.

There’s also a flute stand, case, and a music book to help you learn the flute. You’ll even receive a tuner to make sure you have good intonation when playing.


  • Good features
  • Nice accessories
  • Pretty affordable


  • Not the best upgrade


Perhaps you already have a flute you love, but you want to give the piccolo a try. The MPO-S is an affordable silver-plated piccolo that’s great for beginners on a budget.

It features a finger brace for your left-hand index finger to keep it in a good position. Like many other piccolos, this one goes down to a low D, and you don’t have to worry about a separate footjoint.

You’ll get a cloth and rod to help clean out the piccolo, and the plastic rod won’t scratch the metal. While you can choose different colors for the piccolo, the standard silver will look the best and can be better for playing with others.

The colors on the other options may chip off, which can look bad. And those other colors aren’t the most professional, so it could keep you from getting a piccolo part in your band or orchestra.


  • Great for beginners
  • Ergonomic design
  • Nice accessories


  • Shrill sound


A similar piccolo to try is the Mendini MPO-EN model. This one has a silver-plated head, but it comes with a plastic body, which is pretty common among student piccolos.

The plastic can keep the piccolo from sounding really shrill, and it looks good in a lot of bands. But the metal headjoint makes it easy to switch to the piccolo from the flute since it has a lip plate.

It has the same range as the other Mendini piccolo, so you can play a lot of piccolo pieces on it. And you get the same accessories as you would with the MPO-S.

This is a great instrument for a backup or for a beginner who wants to give the piccolo a try. It’s a little more expensive than the other model, but it’s still pretty reasonably priced.


  • Affordable
  • Good features
  • Comes with accessories


  • Not the most durable

How To Make The Most Of Mendini Flutes

Unfortunately, Mendini flutes aren’t of the best quality. Odds are, you’ll probably have to upgrade to a different flute within a few months or a year.

Luckily, you can make the most of your Mendini flute while it does work. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy learning how to play the flute, and you can minimize your frustrations.

Here are a few things to try to help extend the life of your Mendini flute and how to play it while it does work well.

Recognize The Purpose

Mendini flutes may not have the best reputation, but they do fill a big gap in the market. If you can’t afford to buy a more expensive student flute and can’t rent one, Mendini flutes are great.

You can buy one to test out and see if you enjoy playing the flute. After a while, you may realize that you don’t like the flute, so you’ll only have spent a bit of money.

On the other hand, you can use the Mendini to confirm that you want to take the flute seriously. Then, you’ll be able to save up for the best instrument out there for your next upgrade.

Use Accessories Wisely

A lot of flutes don’t come with as many accessories as the Mendini flutes. The fact that you don’t need to pay extra for a cleaning cloth, rod, and even a tuner is nice.

However, you shouldn’t use all of the accessories because some can make your experience worse. For one, you don’t need to use gloves to play the flute, and the gloves could make playing harder.

You also don’t need to keep the tube of cork grease unless you get the plastic piccolo. Never put anything like cork grease on the joints of your metal flute or piccolo because it can collect dirt and lead to a ton of problems.

Take Flute Lessons

If you buy a Mendini flute, I’d strongly recommend you take at least a few private flute lessons. When you get a more reputable model, you may be able to learn the flute on your own.

However, the Mendini flutes can develop a lot of problems that you might not recognize. You might spend a lot of time struggling to play a note and think you’re the problem when it’s the flute’s fault.

Having access to a private teacher can help you confirm what’s causing an issue. And the teacher can give you specific recommendations to help improve your sound.

Watch Flute Videos

Maybe you can’t afford to take any flute lessons, and that’s why you bought a Mendini flute in the first place. In that case, look for some good videos, books, and other resources to teach yourself.

You can find tons of YouTube channels with videos on how to play the flute. If you prefer to read, there are also blogs, like this one with tips and tricks.

Watching videos and reading about the flute can help you learn what to look for in your flute. Then, you may be able to figure out when your flute is holding you back and how to fix it.

Start Saving

One of the benefits of getting a Mendini flute is that you can start learning with less money. But as soon as you realize that you want to get a better flute, start saving your money.

Step-up and intermediate models can cost well over $1,000. While you may not need to upgrade for a while, you should be aware of that for the future.

For example, maybe you’re able to get two years out of the Mendini, and you save $50 per month. After two years, you’ll have saved $1,200, which is enough to get you a lower-level intermediate model.

Learn Basic Maintenance

Sadly, a lot of professional flute repair technicians won’t work on Mendini flutes. It can be hard to find the right repair parts, and the cost of the repair can easily outpace the value of the instrument.

If you want to make your flute last as long as possible, learn some basic maintenance techniques. One of the easiest things to learn is how to adjust the screws so that they’re not too loose or too tight.

You can get a special multi-tool from a flute shop to adjust your screws. The tool also works to help put springs back in their place if they pop out, so you can keep the flute in playable condition.

Who Mendini Flutes Are For

Mendini flutes are great for beginner flute players and players who haven’t had a flute in a while. If you want to make sure that you’ll want to keep playing, you can do so on a Mendini flute without paying as much for the instrument.

They’re also good for current flute players who need a backup model to play outside. You may not want to take your good flute in the heat, cold, or rain, so the Mendini is useful.

A Mendini flute may also be right for you if you’re willing to work to push past the limitations of the instrument. Then, you can get a good sound despite any issues with the model’s quality.

Who Mendini Flutes Aren’t For

Unfortunately, Mendini flutes aren’t the best for everyone. If you’re a beginner and want playing the flute to be as easy as possible, you should look for a more reputable model.

You might also find the brand isn’t a good fit if you need more advanced specs. Sure, the MFE-30S has a split-E mechanism, but it’s silver-plated.

Mendini doesn’t make flutes with solid silver, gold, or other materials. And you won’t be able to find more advanced specs, such as a C# trill key, which can make playing a lot of notes less difficult.

FAQs About The Best Mendini Flutes Guide

Question: Are Mendini Flutes Good?

Answer: Some Mendini flutes may be okay, and you may luck out and get one that’s pretty sturdy. However, Mendini flutes generally aren’t the best for advanced players or long-term use.
They can be an excellent option if you want to explore the flute without spending hundreds of dollars. But you should prepare to upgrade relatively soon in case the Mendini flute becomes unplayable.

Question: How Much do Mendini Flutes Cost?

Answer: Mendini flutes cost less than $200, and most models are less than $100. That makes the brand very economical and good for people who don’t have access to a flute to rent or borrow.
If you don’t want to wait to save up a ton of money, Mendini is worth trying. Just make sure you don’t raise your expectations too much, or you may not like the flute you get.

Question: Should you Buy the Colorful Mendini Flutes?

Question: The colorful Mendini flutes can look cool, but you should avoid them if possible. For one, the color may come off after you start to play the flute.
You also might not be able to play the flute in a band or orchestra, especially if the director wants the section to look uniform. To be safe, get the silver-plated one. I know it’s boring, but it can look and sound just as good as other flutes.

Question: Are Mendini Flutes a Waste of Money?

Answer: Mendini flutes can be a waste of money, depending on the person who buys them. If you know you want to take the flute seriously, you should save your money and buy a better model.
However, if you want to play around with the flute and see if it’s for you, Mendini flutes are great. You can make sure that you don’t put a ton of money into a flute before you confirm you’ll want to continue playing.

Question: Why Don’t People Like Mendini Flutes?

Answer: Some people don’t like Mendini flutes because they aren’t of the best quality. Compared to brands such as Yamaha, Mendini flutes are very cheap.
Odds are, the company uses cheap materials or a cheap manufacturing process. Both of those things can keep the flute from being the best possible instrument.
Those problems can then lead people to think they’re not good at the flute. Students may quit before they have a chance to play an instrument that will help them sound good.

Question: What Should you do When Your Mendini Flute Stops Working?

Answer: If your Mendini flute stops working, you can check for problems. Close the keys and use a flashlight to shine light through the tube to check for leaks in the pads.
You can also use a screwdriver to adjust the screws to see if that helps. However, you may need to get a different flute so that you can focus on playing instead of repairs.
To keep from trashing your Mendini flute, turn it into a lamp or another piece of art. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy it visually once you get a different instrument.

Final Note On The Best Mendini Flutes Guide

When shopping for a flute or piccolo on a budget, you should consider the best Mendini flutes guide. Then, you can compare some of the most affordable models on the market.

The beginner model flute and the plastic piccolo are both great options for new players. But you may also want to consider the other options to find a good flute to start with.

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