Best Trumpets on Amazon: Our Top Picks!

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You can get almost anything on Amazon, but often you find yourself looking for diamonds in a dungheap. There are many trumpets to be had at a wide range of prices.

But many of Amazon’s trumpet listings feature poorly made mass-produced instruments – not just the cheapest listings! If you’re not careful, you can wind up paying name-brand prices for a bad knockoff trumpet.

Here is a list of some of Amazon’s best trumpets for trumpeters at all levels.  These trumpets may cost a bit more than some of the other listings, but for your money, you will get an instrument that meets your needs and will provide you with years of musical services.

Bach 18037 Stradivarius B♭ Trumpet

Bach 18037 Stradivarius B♭ Trumpet

Trumpeters play in a lot of musical genres, but they all agree that Bach’s Stradivarius trumpets are among the world’s finest. Bach Stradivarius trumpets can be found at music stores and online dealers around the world, so it’s not entirely surprising that you can buy a Stradivarius on Amazon.

The Stradivarius 18037 may be the world’s most popular professional trumpet. But Amazon also offers many other Stradivarius configurations.  (My guide to Bach Stradivarius trumpets will help you determine which Stradivarius best suits your needs).

You’ll find the 18037 in orchestra pits and on jazz stages. When you buy a Stradivarius trumpet, you’re buying an instrument you can use throughout your career.  While they don’t come cheap, a Bach Stradivarius trumpet is an investment in your musical future.


  • Bach Stradivarius trumpets are known and loved worldwide
  • Great sound suitable for every musical need
  • An heirloom instrument that may be your last big trumpet purchase


  • Expensive


  • .459″ Medium-large bore
  • Standard weight body
  • Standard weight yellow brass one-piece hand-hammered #37 bell
  • Standard construction #25 mouthpipe
  • Monel pistons
  • 1st slide thumb saddle
  • Adjustable 3rd slide rod stop
  • Silver-plate finish
  • Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • C180 woodshell case

Yamaha YTR-8345 Xeno Series B♭ Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-8345 Xeno Series B♭ Trumpet

The Xeno line represents the creme de la creme of Yamaha’s brass instruments. Yamaha’s Xeno trumpets were designed in conjunction with leading symphony and jazz musicians, and many professional musicians use Yamaha instruments.

Yamaha has a great reputation for precision and quality control across their whole line. If you are going to buy an instrument online without a chance to try it out first, Yamaha is one of your best choices. Any instrument from Yamaha will at least be very good and often excellent.

The 8345’s heavier brass gives you a broad, powerful tone, and the monel valves are smooth and responsive. Many players find the 8345’s resistance gives them better feedback when playing complex passages, but some find it stuffy.


  • Yamaha is one of the most dependable instrument makers on the market
  • The 8345’s tone will stand out on lead yet blend well in ensemble work
  • Excellent feedback and playability


  • Some players dislike the Xeno’s tight resistance


  • Key: B♭
  • Bore L: 0.462″
  • Bell Diameter: 4 7/8″
  • Leadpipe: Gold Brass
  • Body Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass; One-Piece
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Key Buttons: Mother of Pearl
  • Pistons/ Valves: Monel; Two piece valve casings
  • Mouthpiece: 16C4-HGP

Jupiter XO 1602S B♭ Trumpet

Jupiter XO 1602S B♭ Trumpet

While most famous student brass and woodwinds, Taiwanese instrument maker Jupiter aims its XO line at professional and serious amateur musicians. The XO 1602S may be the standout of the series. Trumpet players praise the 1602S for its warm, mellow tone and free-blowing action.

The 1602S can be customized to suit your tastes. It comes with both a rounded and an elliptical main tuning slide, and you can adapt the feel, projection, and sound with regular or light action springs or standard or weighted bottom valve caps. You can even swap out the leadpipe for a reverse leadpipe.

While it is a bit less expensive than a Bach 18037, the XO 1602S is not just a bargain Stradivarius but a serious contender in its own right.   If you are looking for a professional trumpet, the XO 1602S definitely deserves serious consideration.


  • The most free-blowing trumpet on our list
  • Comes with options that let you customize your instrument
  • Excellent tone


  • May not hold its resale value as well as a Bach or Yamaha trumpet


  • Key: B♭
  • Bore: .459″
  • Leadpipe: Standard or Reverse
  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell: 4.8″ One-piece, hand-hammered
  • Bell Material: Yellow or Rose Brass
  • Valves: Monel Piston
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring
  • Features: Rounded and Elliptical Main Tuning Slides; Regular and Lightweight Valve Springs; Standard and Heavy Weight Bottom Valve Caps
  • Case: XO Tourlite
  • Mouthpiece: Yes

King 2055 Silver Flair Series B♭ Trumpet

King 2055 Silver Flair Series B♭ Trumpet

The King 3B is the world’s best-selling jazz trombone, but King also makes some exceptional trumpets. Dizzy Gillepsie and many other jazz musicians relied on King, and today the King 2055 Silver Flair serves as a great trumpet for serious students and intermediate trumpeters.

Many marching bands use King instruments, and you’ll find the Silver Flair has plenty of projection. (If anything, it may be a bit too forward and bright for some players).

While 2055 is marketed as a step-up trumpet, it’s quite capable of taking the lead in an open-air setting or a big venue.  And because it was designed for student use, the 2055 will stand up well to the rigors of touring and heavy practice.

The Silver Flair has many of the features you expect from many more expensive models, though it may not be quite so nimble in the highest register as some pricier trumpets.  If you’re looking for a trumpet with presence, the Silver Flair will help you stand out.


  • Powerful, penetrating tone
  • Professional quality at a lower price point
  • Stands up to heavy use


  • Can become overwhelming in smaller ensembles or venues


  • Key: B♭
  • Bore: .462-inch
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Leadpipe Material: Rose Brass
  • Bell: 4.9-inch Seamless
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Monel Piston
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Choice of Trigger or Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring with Adjustable Slide Stop
  • Features: One Standard Water Key on Main Tuning Slide; Standard Weight Top and Bottom Valve Caps
  • Case: Deluxe Wood Shell
  • Mouthpiece: CKB 3C
  • Finish: Silver

Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series B♭ Trumpet

Conn 52BSP CONNstellation Series B♭ Trumpet

Conn’s 52BSP CONNstellation is a revamp of the famous Conn 38B. While the 38B was infamous for its fussy valve alignment and unbalanced weight, it was loved for its gorgeous tone. Trumpet giant Maynard Ferguson used a Conn 38B on many of his early recordings.

The 52BSP has a larger bore than the original 38B, making it more free-blowing and darkening the tone a bit. Its 3C mouthpiece is excellent for intermediate to advanced players who will be playing in the higher registers more often.

And where the 38B had a stiff valve action, the 52BSP’s monel valves play smooth as butter.

Conn-Selmer is America’s largest manufacturer of instruments at all levels and the 52BSP CONNstellation one of their most popular trumpets. If you’re looking for a professional quality trumpet at an intermediate trumpet price, the 52BSP may be just what you are looking for.


  • Free blow and easy valve action make the 52BSP a joy to play
  • Built by a company with nearly 150 years of experience in brass instruments
  • Professional quality at the price of an intermediate instrument


  • Some players find the 52BSP’s tone a bit darker than they prefer


  • Key of B♭
  • .462″ (11.73mm) bore
  • 4-7/8″ (124mm) seamless bell
  • Monel pistons
  • Reverse leadpipe
  • Rounded main tuning slide
  • Heavy top and bottom valve caps
  • Modular Valve Weight System (patented)
  • Bright silver plate finish
  • Weighted 3C mouthpiece
  • Professional woodshell case

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard B♭ Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard B♭ Trumpet

While you can get a “student trumpet” online for a fraction of what you will pay for a YTR-2330, your student will soon become frustrated with the intonation and with various technical issues like stuck valves and ill-fitting slides.

A YTR-2330 makes student trumpeters sound their best and encourages them to continue studying and rehearsing.

Most student trumpets will be good for a year or two before the student needs a more flexible and advanced instrument. The YTR-2330 will be a solid and dependable instrument that will serve as an excellent backup and practice horn even if you go on to a professional career.

Most serious amateurs will find the YTR-2330 suits their needs just fine. And if you choose to sell, you will have no problem finding another student buyer. YTR-2330s are widely available on the used market, and used 2330s can often be purchased on Amazon.


  • Perhaps the most highly-regarded student trumpet on the market
  • Yamaha’s excellent quality control ensures your YTR-2330 will perform as expected
  • A student trumpet that may last you a lifetime


  • Softer brass gives Yamaha trumpets a wonderful tone but makes them prone to denting.


  • Key: B♭
  • Bell: Two-piece, yellow brass
  • Bell Diameter: 123mm (4⅞ in”)
  • Leadpipe: Gold Brass
  • Bore Size : 11.65mm (0.459”)
  • Weight: Medium
  • Finish: Gold lacquer (also available silver-plated)
  • Pistons/ Valves: Monel alloy
  • Key Buttons: Plastic
  • Mouthpiece: TR-11B4
  • Case: Included

Jupiter JTR700 B♭ Trumpet

Jupiter JTR700 B♭ Trumpet

The 700 series represents the top end of Jupiter’s student line. These trumpets are assembled in Taiwan, while their less expensive 500 series are manufactured in China. While the JTR700 costs a bit more than the Jupiter 500 trumpets, it is well worth the additional expense.

While the JTR700 lacks the many customizable additions of the XO 1602S, it has a similarly warm and mellow tone which will work beautifully in a chamber or symphonic setting. It is a durable instrument designed for students, so it will stand up to long hours of rehearsal and the rigors of travel.

The extra expense for a JTR700 may work itself out over the student’s career. The JTR700 will have a bigger sound and better intonation than most student trumpets, which means a young student can spend more time playing the JTR700 before needing an upgrade.


  • An intermediate-level trumpet at student trumpet prices
  • Warm, mellow sound which blends well with ensembles
  • A student trumpet that will take students through intermediate and into advanced playing


  • Advanced trumpeters may want a more sophisticated instrument


  • Key: B♭
  • Body Material: Lacquered Brass
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Mouthpiece: Jupiter
  • Leadpipe: Lacquered Brass
  • Bore Size: .460″
  • Instrument Weight: medium
  • Valves / Pistons: Stainless Steel
  • Key Buttons: Pearl Caps
  • Bell Material: Lacquered Brass
  • Bell Size: 4.8″
  • Additional Features: 1st valve slide thumb saddle / adjustable 3rd valve slide
  • Case: Jupiter Wood-frame Case (KC-18P)
  • Included: Durable Case, Valve oil, Polishing Cloth, and Name Tag

Selmer Prelude TR711 B♭ Trumpet

Conn-Selmer is America’s largest supplier of student instruments for a reason. Because the TR711 is popular with students, teachers and instrument repair folks are familiar with it. You may outgrow the Prelude, but until then, you’ll find it an excellent learning tool that helps you sound your best.

Conn-Selmer also owns Bach, and the Prelude comes with a Bach 7C mouthpiece. Before he became a world-famous trumpet designer, Vincent Bach got his start making mouthpieces.

Bach 7C mouthpieces may be the world’s most widely used student mouthpiece. Its medium-wide rim and medium depth encourage proper embouchure and build endurance with practice.

The TR711 should get your student through middle and high school. If they show interest and talent, you may want to upgrade to a trumpet better suited for more complex and challenging material. When that time comes, you should have little problem reselling your TR711 to another young student.


  • One of the most popular trumpets for young students
  • Quality control ensures you get a reliable instrument
  • Built to tolerate rough handling from beginners


  • Talented students will soon outgrow the TR711.


  • Key: B♭
  • Bore: .459-inch
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Leadpipe Material: Red Brass
  • Bell: 4.75-inch
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: 3 Stainless Steel Pistons
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring
  • Features: Red Brass Leadpipe; Stainless Steel Valves
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Bach 7C

How to Find the Best Trumpets on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop, but buyers need to take some precautions as with all online shopping. While you can buy trumpets at all levels from Amazon, you can also find yourself with an expensive brass paperweight if you’re not careful.

Here are some pointers that will serve you well when shopping for trumpets on Amazon or at any online store.

Check the Brand Name

Most of the trumpets sold on Amazon are generic Chinese-made trumpets mass-produced in factories with little quality control or testing. While many of these trumpets are sold at bargain-basement prices, some are sold for thousands of dollars.

These trumpets might work for you, but they might not. And if they don’t, you may find yourself out a lot of money.

Should troubles arise immediately after Amazon’s return period expires, you will have to rely on the manufacturer’s warranty. And if the manufacturer ignores you or expects you to pay the cost of shipping to China and back, Amazon will do little to help.

When you are buying an instrument online, you don’t get a chance to try it out for yourself and see how it plays. Buying from a well-known brand with a good reputation will be safer than purchasing a no-name instrument from an unknown seller.

Manufacturers like Yamaha and Conn have a long track record, with many reviews describing their strengths and weaknesses. They also have control checks to ensure your trumpet lives up to their standards and customer service departments to help you should a problem arise.

Check the Seller


Many trumpet sellers on Amazon have established brick-and-mortar businesses that have worked with musicians for decades. Others do not have that experience. They may sell you a counterfeit instrument out of malice or ignorance or not know how to properly pack and ship a trumpet.

Read their Amazon reviews and see if they have a web presence outside of Amazon. A company with a good reputation has a vested interest in preserving that reputation. Fly-by-night companies simply set up new seller accounts when their bad feedback and customer complaints pile up.

Basically, research is the key to shopping on Amazon.  Before you make that purchase, spend some time surfing the web and chatting with fellow trumpet players about their preferred models. Once you’ve done that, you can feel more secure about making a big purchase sight unseen.


Question: Where Can I Buy a Trumpet Online?

Answer: In addition to big shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart, you can also find trumpets at specialty online music stores like Guitar Center and Woodwind Brasswind.
These music stores may have brands and models you will not find at a large general retailer, and your searches are less likely to be flooded with cheap and poorly made mass-produced instruments.
Reverb is a great place to pick up trumpets or other instruments at every price range if you are looking for a used trumpet.

Question: How Much Does a Good Trumpet Cost?

Answer: You can expect to pay at least $400 for a good student trumpet. While cheaper trumpets are available, their quality control and intonation issues make them a poor choice for beginners – or anybody else.
Intermediate trumpets generally start at around $1500, while professional models start at $2500 and can go considerably higher. Used trumpets can be had for less, and you can often find bargains on Amazon or when new trumpet designs replace old models.

Question: What Are the Most Popular Brands of Trumpets?

Answer: Among professional trumpet players, Bach is the most popular brand on the market, with Yamaha a close second. Among middle school bands and young student trumpets, Jupiter and King are popular choices.
You may find other trumpet brand names on the stage or in the orchestra, including Getzen, Conn, and SE Shires.

Question: What is the Most Popular Trumpet?

Answer: The Bach 18037 is the most popular trumpet among professionals. You can find 18037s everywhere, from symphony halls to mariachi bands and jazz clubs.
Among students, Selmer’s Prelude T711 is a very popular choice for beginners, while the Yamaha YTR-2330 is considered the gold standard for more advanced student trumpets.


There are lots of trumpets available on Amazon. So which one is best for you?

When it comes to professional trumpets, it’s hard to top the Bach Stradivarius 18037.   A Bach 18037 will serve you well in any professional musical setting and for any genre of music.

Jazz musicians may find the best jazz trumpet is the Yamaha YTR-8345 Xeno. While the 8345 Xeno is not a horn for beginners, those with proper embouchure, technique, and breathing will love its sound and responsiveness.

Beginning students on a tight budget will find the Jupiter JTR700 is best for their needs. While you might want a better trumpet should you attend a conservatory, the JTR700 will serve beginners well through their first years of practice and beyond.

Ultimately, the best trumpet you can buy on Amazon is the one that feels best in your hands and lets you play your best. Whatever your needs, with a little due diligence, you can find the perfect trumpet on Amazon.  Happy shopping!

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