Best Carbon Fiber Violins Guide: Why You Need the Glasser Carbon Composite Violin

Hey, can you come a little closer?

I’ve got a secret I’ve got to tell you.

I think carbon fiber violins are actually pretty neat.

Don’t let any professional, classically trained musician catch me telling you that; I’ll be judged tremendously. 

I think there are so many benefits to using a carbon fiber violin that a lot of classically-trained violinists tend to overlook. Plus, I realized that not everybody who wants to learn how to play the violin aims to be a classical musician.

Pop music is starting to feature more violins, and if you’re only looking to learn how to play the violin for covers (or to produce your own music), I would say that buying a carbon fiber violin is your best bet.

Don’t let the judgment of a classically trained musician scare you away from buying an instrument that would honestly be best suited to you if you fall into the above list of categories.

 There are so many benefits that carbon fiber violins offer but just aren’t available with a classical violin. But, I’m going to get more into the benefits of a carbon-fiber violin in a little bit.

And that’s not all I want to talk to you about either while you’re here. I want to show you some of the best carbon fiber violins out there for you to get your hands on. With all of that said, let’s jump into it!

Bottom line up front: There aren’t a whole lot of carbon fiber violins to choose from. But, out of the options that are available, I would personally recommend the Glasser Carbon Composite violin.

There’s so much that this violin has to offer in terms of affordability, overall tone, and playability. I think it’s a stunning violin, both musically and aesthetically! 

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is also commonly referred to as carbon fiber composite or carbon composite. Basically, it’s a type of polymer that’s super lightweight but also extremely durable.

Not a lot of people know this, but carbon fibers are actually 5 times stronger than steel. But if you’ve ever lifted up a carbon composite toy or instrument before, you’ll know that carbon fiber is a lot lighter than steel.

While there aren’t a ton of carbon fiber violins out there, there’s a decent selection to choose from. Carbon fiber is still making its way into the musical instrument industry.

Some brands are beginning to make carbon fiber guitars, cellos, and other string instruments because they’re more durable (and a lot cheaper) to make in comparison to using natural materials. 

Why You Should Buy a Carbon Fiber Violin

Carbon Fiber Violin mezzo-forte

There’s so much potential sitting in front of you if you do buy a carbon fiber violin. But since a lot of people aren’t talking about the benefits of a carbon fiber violin (yet), you may be wondering how a carbon fiber violin could really be that much better for you compared to a classical violin.

Don’t worry; I’m here to share all of the details with you.


If you’ve ever owned a classical violin before, you’ll know that you have to take a lot of precautions to make sure that you keep your instrument safe.

Even just the slightest bump or drop can cause catastrophic damage to your violin, resulting in you having to Shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get repairs made on your instrument.

 With a carbon-fiber violin, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Carbon fiber violins are much more durable than your classical violin. Carbon fiber is much stronger than wood and doesn’t get finicky when environmental conditions start to change.

 So, if you’ve been thinking about playing outdoor concerts or you want to play outside, carbon fiber is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about any changes in humidity, possible rain, or temperature adjustment causing any damage to your instrument.

And if you already have experience playing the violin and are looking into the benefits of a carbon-fiber instrument specifically, this will help to open up a whole new world of opportunities for you to play. 

That’s not the only thing that carbon fiber violins have to offer in terms of durability, either. If you know you’re going to be traveling a lot, it could be a lot of hassle to try to find a special spot in your car or on a bus to try to stick your violin to ensure its safety.

If you’ve ever traveled well carrying an instrument, you know how much of a beating your violin can take speak while you’re driving. This means there are tons of potential for your violin to get damaged.

 With a carbon-fiber violin, you don’t have to worry about any of these situations. Your carbon fiber violin is much more capable of withstanding bumps and bruises compared to wood. 

Looking for a Different Sound

With all of the different classical violin options on the market, there are tons of different wood and wood combinations used to create new instruments. But after a while, the unique combinations have run out.

There are only so many different ways a wooden violin can sound drastically different from each other due to the wood combinations used. If you’re looking for a unique twist to your sound while still playing the violin, a carbon-fiber violin is a way to go. It actually produces a slightly different sound compared to the classical violin.

This may not be a huge deal to you. But, it will give you a Different Edge if that’s something that you’re looking for. 


Carbon fiber violins

Carbon fiber violins are actually very affordable. If you’ve been holding back from playing the violin because you can’t afford the massive upfront cost that comes with purchasing an acoustic violin, you don’t have to hold yourself back any longer.

Carbon fiber violins and their bows are much cheaper than their wouldn’t counterparts.

 That doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up on your dream of playing the classical violin, either. There’s still a chance for you to learn how to play the violin on a carbon fiber instrument and then upgrade to a classical violin later down the road. 

How to Buy a Carbon Fiber Violin

Now that you have a better idea of what carbon fiber violins are actually spectacular, I think it’s important for you to understand how to make sure that you actually buy a quality carbon fiber violin.

If you’ve never bought a violin before, or it’s been a while since you’ve been in the market for a violin, understanding how to pick out a quality carbon fiber violin will help us save you time and money while you’re out shopping.

Buy Your Violin

One mistake that I see a lot of beginners make when they’re searching for their first carbon fiber violin is they’re afraid to commit to using a carbon fiber violin. As a result, a lot of people will choose to buy a used violin, or they will rent their violin. I don’t think that either of these options is a good idea for a carbon fiber violin.

With a used carbon fiber violin, it can be really hard to tell if the previous owner took proper care of it before they decided to sell it. 

 While a carbon-fiber violin that uses doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, it may not hold the original integrity that it had when it was first purchased. With a rented carbon fiber violin, you’re actually going to end up spending a lot more money just paying for your rental than if you were to purchase your carbon fiber violin outright. 

At first, you may not be spending as much money. But over a period of a few months, you’re actually going to end up shelling out more money renting it than if you were just to buy yourself a brand-new one. 

Create a Budget

Gayford Carbon Strad Violin

Before you start shopping around too much, it’s also really important for you to create a budget for yourself. It can be really easy to overspend, which is why it’s so important that you figure out how much you’re comfortable with spending before you commit to any searching.

Carbon fiber violin can actually Be pretty drastic in a price difference is, so I would highly recommend are you figuring out how much money you have to work with before you start. 

Focus on Quality

As you’re shopping around for different carbon fiber violins, I urge you to focus on the quality of the instrument instead of the pricing. It is important for you to stay within your budget, but I wouldn’t make up the only factor you consider while you are looking around.

There are a lot of different things that can determine a quality carbon fiber violin. But if you make yourself only focus on the price, you’re probably going to go with the cheapest option available. 

 The cheapest option available isn’t always a good thing. There are brands out there better well-known because they produce quality carbon fiber instruments.

I personally wouldn’t go with a brand that isn’t already established because it’s difficult to tell if they’re going to produce a quality instrument. I wouldn’t want to risk my money or my time, so I would like only focus on purchasing from a brand that it’s well-known for its quality. 

Kits or No Kits? 

You should also decide whether you want to invest your money in a violin kit. A carbon fiber violin kid will come with a lot of the things that you need to get started and successfully play the carbon fiber violin. This includes things like a bow, a carrying case, and maybe some extra strings.

The things that you get inside of a carbon-fiber violin it will vary depending on the brand and how much money your pudding into the violin. You may not even need to invest in a kit if you already play the violin and I have a lot of the materials that you would need to get started. 

Think about Your Bow

You should also take some time to think about your bow. If there are some musicians who will use a carbon fiber bowOn a classical violin. It’s still an option for you to use a wooden bow on your carbon fiber violin. It’s really completely up to you.

 A Carbon Fiber bow will withstand the same wear and tear that you’re I’m going to put your violin through. It won’t Bend as easily and it won’t break as easily as a wooden bow.

Plus, your Carbon Fiber bow will stay consistent throughout different temperature and humidity levels. But then, a wooden bow will provide you with more warmth than a Carbon Fiber bow will. So it really just depends on what your needs are and what you’re looking for out of your instrument. 

The Best Carbon Fiber Violins

Now, it’s time for me to recommend a few carbon fiber violins. I’ve chosen these carbon fiber violins based on their availability; there aren’t a whole lot of carbon fiber violins out there.

Gayford Carbon Strad Violin

Gayford Carbon Strad Violin

The Gayford Carbon Strad violin is said to be the “most technically advanced carbon-fiber violin in the world” (says Gayford). This is a super balanced violin is also very easy to play. I personally love the appearance of this violin. It’s black, it’s sleek, and is downright beautiful to look at. 

Each Gayford Carbon Strad the violin is individually hand made. this violin isn’t made in the United States, but it is made in Canada. You don’t have to worry about moisture, temperature, or body damage any longer.

There is an amazing tone but this violin produces. Personally, I would just describe the sound this violin produces as a powerhouse. 


  • Super lightweight
  • I love how gorgeous this violin is; I could stare at it for hours
  • Offer a left hand and a right-hand option
  • A five-string violin is available
  • Gayford says their violin is so durable, it can be played underwater


  • Kind of pricey
  • The design of the body is still being updated

Glasser Carbon Composite Violin

Glasser Carbon Composite Violin

This is a great violin for anyone who is a beginner and is looking around to try to find their very first carbon fiber violin. This violin was steadily built, so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of you or your child destroying it in case it gets mishandled.

That’s why I would highly recommend it to anyone who is shopping around for their child and their first instrument.

I wouldn’t say this Is the best carbon fiber violin on the list for a professional. I do think that it’s a great option for anyone who’s interested in fiddling, a beginner, or someone who likes to play outside a lot.

With your purchase, you’ll get the carbon-composite violin, a tuner, polishing cloth, rosin, a Glasser 203SH fiberglass bow, and a violin case. 

I wouldn’t say this violin is a perfect imitation of a wooden violin. But, I love the deep, dark, and almost mysterious tone this violin products. The unique aspects of this violin’s sounds are immediately noticeable when you’re directly comparing it to a classical violin. 


  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining this violin, especially because it’s carbon fiber
  • I loved that I’m able to take this violin and play it literally whenever I want
  • I haven’t had any tuning issues with this violin 


  • I personally would get new strings on this violin; I didn’t like the strings it came with
  • I had to get my soundpost adjusted


Since there aren’t a whole lot of carbon fiber violins, I wanted to make a few alternative suggestions. The use of violin that I’ve suggested is affordable and durable, which will make them great for a beginner. I chose these violins below with a slight they were the most comparable to the qualities that a carbon fiber violin offers. 

Cecilio Ebony Fitted Violin

Cecilio Ebony Fitted Violin

First up, we have the Cecilio Ebony Fitted violin. This is an absolutely stunning violin that comes with an ebony fingerboard, a maple neck, back, and sides. To top it off, we have a solid Spruce Wood top that’s been polished with an antique varnish to make this violin look stunning. 

You’ll find D’Addario Prelude strings on this violin; when I picked this violin up, I thought they were super easy to play. I personally will invest in different strings, but I don’t think the strings that came with this violin are bad at all.

Plus, that’s not all that you get with your purchase either. You can get a storage case, a metronome and tuner combination, two bows that come with authentic Mongolian horsehair, a shoulder rest, an additional bridge, and rosin


  • Doesn’t look like a cheap instrument
  • Comes with all of the accessories you need to be successful 
  • Very affordable


  • The bridge is pretty delicate, but that’s why there’s an additional one that comes with your purchase 

Cremona SV-175

Cremona SV-175

In my opinion, this is a great violin for students. It provides all of the unique aspects that a student needs to challenge themselves while still wanting to grow.

You’ll find outstanding tone quality and playability on this violin without it breaking the budget. But, keep in mind this is an entry-level violin, so I would recommend this one to any adults learning how to play the violin or anyone else shopping around for a student.

 Plus, I love how durable this instrument is. I remembered the first time that I dropped this violin; it happened in slow motion. I dropped it in the floor while I was practicing; I was walking around and tripped with the violin in my hand. The violin hit the floor!

 Thankfully, I picked it up, and everything was fine. Nothing was broken. So I could say for sure that this violin has withstood the test of wear and tear, and it passed.

 In addition, this violin has seven different sizes for you to choose from. If you have a student who is starting to outgrow their violin, you could always just size up 1 and still know that you can trust the comfortability, playability, and overall quality of this violin. 


  • Super easy to play, I love how comfortable it is
  • Very durable
  • There are a bunch of different sizes for you to choose from


  • The tuning isn’t consistent 
  • Doesn’t come with a ton of accessories; it only comes with a case, bow, and Rosie

Mendini MV200 Violin

Mendini MV200 Violin

If you really have your heart set on a carbon fiber violin, I would recommend the Mendini MV200 violin. This is a very affordable violin, but it still has a modern-day look.

This isn’t going to produce the best tones and sounds on the list, but it sure is a great violin for anyone who isn’t sure if they’re going to stick with a violin but still wants to try it out.

Plus, there are a ton of different accessories that come with this violin. There are five different size options to choose from, so no matter who’s looking, they’ll be able to find an option with this beginner-level violin.

Plus, I love how there are different color options available to choose from, as this may help to appeal to your child more than if you work just to buy a traditional stain.


  • Comes with a lot of accessories; a shoulder rest, a chin rest, a bow, a violin case, and rosin
  • I love the tone this violin produces; it’s so warm and beautiful
  • The bow that comes with this violin is quality; it’s made from authentic Mongolian horsehair
  • A bunch of different size options are available 
  • Very affordable and comes from an established brand


  • This isn’t the most durable option on the list

Mezzo-Forte Carbon Design Series Fiber Violin

Mezzo-Forte Carbon Design Series Fiber Violin

The Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber violin is available in both four-string and five-string options. In terms of the physical build of this violin, you’ll find there are two pieces of carbon fiber layered together.

There’s a carbon bonded bass bar available on this violin too, which Mezzo-Forte says helps provide the lower range of this violin with additional warmth. Even though so much of this violin has been made up of carbon fiber, I love how the bridge has been hand-carved.

To me, it really shows me that Mezzo-Forte has put time and attention into their carbon-fiber violins, instead of just trying to hop on a trend.

However, I do wish that more come with the violin. You don’t even get a bow with this carbon fiber violin. You do get a gig bag, but that’s it. 


  • This violin comes with a handmade bridge
  • Options for a four-string and a five-string violin are available 
  • Very unique to look at; I really like the texture of this violin


  • No bow is included with the purchase of your instrument
  • This violin isn’t very easy to find 


Question: Is a Carbon-fiber Violin Good for a Beginner?

Answer: Yes, I think the carbon fiber violin is great for a beginner. It allows you to learn how to play the violin without as much vibration as you would feel playing a classical violin. Plus, it allows you to quickly make adjustments without having to take the time to completely retune your entire violin.
Plus, a lot of beginners tend to be very clumsy with their first violin. You don’t have to worry about damaging or breaking your very expensive classical violin when you purchase a carbon fiber one.
 Last Lee, it’s not as expensive of an investment as a classical violin it. This means if you happen to lose interest in playing, you won’t have thousands of dollars down the drain just because you don’t want to play anymore. 

Question: Do Carbon Fiber of Violins Sound Good?

Answer: I think this question really depends on what you’re looking for. Carbon fiber violins have a different resonation compared to Wooden violins.
Typically, carbon-fiber violins have a deeper sound to them compared to Wooden violins. Personally, I love the sound that carbon fiber violins produce. I think it’s so beautiful and unique. 

Question: How Do You Clean a Carbon Fiber Violin? 

Answer: Cleaning a carbon fiber violin is actually pretty simple. All you have to use is a rag and denatured alcohol to give it a quick wipe down. I would stay away from the strings, oh, but you can just give it a quick wipe, and you’ll be all set.
I personally like to use denatured alcohol because it sanitizes the violin for me. I don’t want my instrument covered in a bunch of bacteria, grease, and grime. 


I can’t wait for there to be more carbon fiber violin options available in the music industry soon. I’m impatiently waiting for the day the market gets flooded with options. I think having more carbon fiber violins available for people to consider will help to open up the world of music to a lot more people.

It’ll make playing the violin a more accessible option for people to channel themselves into, mainly because of the durability and affordability that’s found in carbon fiber violins that isn’t available in wooden violins.

Out of all of the carbon fiber violins on this list, I would recommend the Glasser Carbon Composite violin. I think this option is delete intimidating for people of all experience levels, and that’s why I think it’s the best carbon fiber violin available.

Do you have a carbon fiber violin that you love? I would love to hear about your favorite carbon fiber violin! 

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