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Summary: Knowing the best violinist and options will help you determine what material and size best fit your instruments for storing your violin when you aren’t using it properly.

Every musician should consider investing in a violin stand to keep their investment safe. Most people overlook the importance of having a violin stand or the aesthetic appeal. However, a violin stand can give you a place to display your instrument when you are not using it.

Bottomline Up Front

I recommend the Violin Wall Mount for home display. If you are looking for a place to store your violin at home where you can easily see it, be motivated to practice, and have it on display, I think a wall mount is particularly stunning. I like that you can have your violin on the wall at eye level.

This makes it easier to grab directly in front of you when you go to practice instead of bending over. It also means no one will trip on it accidentally or hit it with a vacuum cleaner in passing. It makes it harder for children and pets to knock it over.

Selection Criteria

I evaluated all of the best violin stand options included in this review based on their design whether they were well-constructed. I also assessed the adjustability of the designs, portability for different situations, and places to rest your violin bow.

Why You Need a Stand

Violin Stand

There are many reasons why you might consider investing in a corresponding violin stand. Many violinists believe that having a case is all they need because their instruments can be safely secured and stored without any damage.

However, I know from personal experience that it’s far too easy to neglect your instrument if you leave it in your case all the time.

Consider this: with a violin stand; you have the motivation to practice. You can safely display your instrument at home so that every time you walk by it, you are reminded to grab it off the stand and play a little.

Motivation to Play

Some cases are so secure that it takes anywhere between five and ten minutes to unlock everything and take out your instrument.

We joke around my house about what is called the “gumption trap”; a gumption trap is any situation where you have the motivation to do something, but all of that motivation or gumption gets tucked away in your preparation face.

For example: You might have a strong desire to finish that project in the garage finally, so you go out, full of energy, but then you realize that another project is in the way, so you have to move that project first.

But you can’t move it until you clean one side of the garage. Even then, you can’t start the project you intended until all of the contents across the workspace have been cleaned and put away. This could take a few hours of your time, at the end of which you no longer have any gumption or energy to do your original project.

This same example can be applied to just about anything. When I find a new recipe I want to try, I head downstairs only to realize I’m missing a key ingredient, so I have to go to the store.

But before that, I have to fill up the tank. After all that, I realize I have to clean the kitchen counters and the sink putting dishes in the dishwasher. But the dishwasher needs to be unloaded first. By the time all that is over, I have no motivation to try that new recipe.

Save Time

So, what does this have to do with a violin? If your violin takes even an extra 5 or 10 minutes to get set up, you are much less likely to practice regularly. Having a violin stand means you can set up a dedicated space in your home where you have a music stand next to your violin stand, and all you have to do is sit down or stand in front of it.

Use at Gigs

A violin stand is equally helpful when you are performing. Instead of resting your violin back in the case on the floor, you can put it on a stand. If you have a performance, think of how much downtime there is between songs or sets.

The Best Violin Stand Options: How to Find the Right Stand

Violin Stand

Out of the best violin stand options, what works well for you will be what fits your instrument effectively. Size and material are the two most important factors to help you find a suitable stand.


Violins come in many sizes. You need to review the size instrument you have and the corresponding sizes for different instruments to confirm you are picking one that will fit your violin. If you have a full-size violin, a stand meant for a fractional size violin will not work.


Once you have found a manufacturer that produces the appropriate size, you have to consider the material from which the stand is constructed. If you have a child in your home, the material you need might be plastic, not easily breakable, to keep the violin off the messy bedroom floor.

If you are a professional and want a violin stand to display your instrument in your home, something crafted from wood might be more appropriate. 


After that, you have to consider the design. There are a few different options.

  1. Wall-mounted violin stands: The wall-mounted violin stands are minimal, and you physically mount them to the wall. In addition to the wall attachment, there is a small U-shaped design inside of which the neck rests. On one end is a small section where your bow hangs too. Once set up, it holds your violin and bow hanging against the wall.
  2. Portable violin stand attachments for sheet music stands: These are meant for performances or practice where you want someplace to set your instrument when you are not using it. It attaches to the metal rod on your music stand. This way, you can have your music in front of you, and when you are not playing, you can rest your violin and bow in the same way you would with a wall-mounted violin stand.
  3. Foldable portable stands: Foldable portable stands are usually made of wood and meant for display in your home. These are much smaller, and they don’t always have a place for your bow; they just have a place for the bottom of your violin to rest.

Selection Criteria

I chose the best violin stand options based on different design models, portability for specific circumstances such as display in your home versus performances, and the material and construction. 

Best Violin Stand Options: My Top Recommendations

Out of all the best violin stand options, I suggest you consider whether you have multiple needs. A violin stand is not prohibitively expensive, so you might be able to invest in more than one.

For example: if you perform regularly, a music stand with a violin hanger might be perfect for practices and performances, but when you are not on the road, you might want a wall mount or a portable stand on which to display your violin in the home.

Eastar Violin Stand with Bow Holder

Eastar Violin Stand with Bow Holder

If you need a generic stand at home that doesn’t have a lot of aesthetic appeals but does the job well, the Easter Violin Stand with Bow Holder is a good choice. The design is a little different than a hanging violin stand.

A hanging violin stand has a U-shaped segment in which the neck of your instrument rests and where you hang your violin bow. With this violin stand, you hang the bow in the back, behind the violin, so you can’t easily rest it against a wall.

It is a simple black design with a latch to secure the neck of your violin. The construction is hard composite, so it is corrosion-resistant and waterproof. It has two wide legs that rest on the ground giving extra stability. It is portable and can fold down quickly if you have to take it with you for a performance.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Portable 
  • It has a tall back where the bow rests


  • Not a lot of aesthetic appeal

Levied Sheet Music Stand with Violin Hanger

Levied Sheet Music Stand with Violin Hanger

The Klvied Sheet Music Stand with Violin Hanger is great if you want something for your children or performances. This is a sheet music stand that is portable and foldable. It comes apart and fits into a carrying bag.

When you are ready to use it, you attach all the pieces at the height you need. Along the main bar is a violin hanger where you can hang your violin and your violin bow when not in use. The violin hanger fits all violin sizes.

The music stand is relatively durable, with adjustable heights and angles, a sturdy metal bookplate, a vented tray if you are using a laptop or a tablet, a paper holder, USB cable, and LED light. If you don’t already have a music stand, this is a great place to start.


  • It has a violin hanger that fits all sizes
  • It can also hold a microphone
  • Adjustable 
  • Portable sheet music stand
  • Non-slip caps at the bottom
  • Carrying bag too


  • It comes with the entire stand, not just an attachment for existing stands 

Violin Wall Mount

Violin Wall Mount

If you have ever been to a music shop, you have probably seen violins, fiddles, and guitars hanging on the walls. This Violin Wall Mount is what you see in music stores.

So, if you want something that you can use to display your instrument at home, this is a great choice. I particularly love the wall-mount because you can fit your instruments in a small studio apartment or a dorm room.

It is crafted from rosewood, so it’s pretty stunning and very likely to blend in with the material of your violin. The amount that goes against the wall is shaped like the body of a violin which adds an aesthetic appeal.

It comes with all the hardware you need to install it with protective padding against what your violin hangs. It also has a section where your violin bow can hang. 


  • Rosewood
  • Woodblock that is shaped like a violin
  • It comes with the hardware you need
  • Has a place to hang your bow


  • Only meant for home display

Wood Violin Stand

Wood Violin Stand

If you are okay not having a place to store your bow, this particular stand is gorgeous. It doesn’t have any hardware or collapsible joints like the Eastar model. It is simply too flat wood pieces that fit together to make a stable X shape.

Along the lining of the bottom, you have protective padding that prevents your violin from slipping around. It is small enough to easily take it with you on the road if you need a place to store your violin on stage, but it is commonly used to display in the home.


  • Beautiful 
  • Solid wood with no extra hardware
  • Simple design for at-home display
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • It can be used at performances too
  • Thick anti-slip padding to protect your violin


  • No bow holders

Nebo Violin Stand

Violin Stand

The Nebo violin stand is made of solid mahogany wood, with a rich cherry color. It is pretty similar to the Eastar Violin Stand with Bow Holder in its design; the base is the same, and the holders for the bottom of the violin stand are the same.

However, the Neboic does not have a tail section in the back of the stand like the Easter Violin Stand with Bow Holder. Still, the bow is secured behind the violin. 

It is adjustable so that you can accommodate different sizes. It even works with mandolins, banjos, and many guitars. It folds flat for easy storage or travel. It has soft foam on the back and the arms to protect your violin.

The bottom feet have non-slip rubber attachments. I like the wood design over the black composite in terms of aesthetics. This model can use for performances, travel, practice, or at home.


  • Solid wood design
  • Has non-slip feet
  • Foam on the arms
  • Adjustable, so it fits all violin sizes
  • Portable


  • The portable design means it has potential points of failure
  • The hardware in the back is not as durable as it could be 


Question: Are Violin Stands Good?

Answer: Yes, a violin stand is a great way to increase productivity and keep your instrument safe. You will be encouraged to practice more often by regularly seeing your violin on display. It also keeps your violin safe if you are performing and need a place to sit your instrument when not in use.

Question: How Much is a Violin Stand?

Answer: Violin stands are relatively inexpensive. Display models for your home can cost as little as $10, while music stands with built-in violin holders cost only $40.

Question: Can You Use a Guitar Stand for a Violin?

Answer: There are many instruments stands that can be adjusted to fit multiple instruments. The wood violin stand above fits various stringed instruments like a violin and a mini guitar. You have to check the stand you already have to see if it can be adjusted to match the violin size.


I recommend the Violin Wall Mount for home display. I love that this wall mount is shaped like the body of a violin, so it looks like a mirror image. I particularly love that the bow hangs in front, unlike other models where the bow sits in the back.

I have found that when the violin bow is in the back, it is easier to accidentally smash, squish against the wall, or hit on something as you pull it out. However, any of these best violin stand options are well suited to different scenarios, so pick the one that works best for you.

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