Best Flute Bag Options

Are you tired of carrying your flute case, flute stand, and sheet music all separately? You should look at some of the best flute bag options to keep everything together.

Then, you won’t have to worry about dropping something or fitting everything in your hands. Going to rehearsals will be more exciting, and you can have a free hand in case you need it.

Bottom Line Up Front: The Protec, Fluterscooter, and Altieri bags are some of the best for flute players. Consider all of them to figure out which is right for you.

Best Flute Bag Options

If you recently spent a lot of money on the best flute for you, you may not want to buy anything extra. However, the best flute bag options can help protect your new investment.

That way, you can take your flute to lessons, rehearsals, and concerts without worrying as much about damage. Of course, you still need to protect your flute, so don’t leave it unattended in public.

Here are some of the best flute bags I’ve either tried or have heard work well.

Protect Flute Case Cover

Protect Flute Case Cover

My first flute bag was the Protec Flute Case Cover, and I still have it on hand in case I ever need it. The bag has a large main pocket that fits your flute as well as accessories, like cleaning cloths, rods, and a flute stand.

There’s also an outside pocket that fits your piccolo and some more accessories. Unfortunately, that outside pocket doesn’t have insulation like the main compartment.

Still, it’s an excellent bag for students, and you can carry it on your shoulder or by hand. There’s a handle on the end of the bag, so you can carry it the long way so that you don’t bump your flute into things.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Different pockets
  • Suitable for students
  • Comes in various colors


  • A bit bulky
  • Not that stylish

Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag

Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag

After a few years, I upgraded from the Protec to the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag. This bag looks nice and sleek, and some people can’t even tell it’s a flute case because it’s so pretty.

It features a main pocket with insulation, and there are velcro straps to keep your flute in place. The compartment has plenty of room for another flute or piccolo as well as accessories.

On the front is another small pocket to keep more gear. This bag has a comfortable shoulder strap and some shorter handles if you want to carry the bag by hand.


  • Stylish
  • Neutral color
  • Easy to carry
  • Fits a lot of stuff
  • Insulation


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Zipper doesn’t always close fully

Fluterscooter Wine Bag

Fluterscooter Wine Bag

If you like the stylish bag but want something more colorful, consider the Fluterscooter Wine Bag. It comes in other colors, so you don’t need to get this shade.

While I don’t have this bag, I know a few players who do and love it. Its straps are similar to those on a fancy purse, so it can look good on or off the stage.

From what I can tell, the straps and color are the only difference from the Cedar Wood Bag. The main pocket and front pocket are basically identical and can fit the same things.


  • Looks great
  • Fits what you need
  • Good quality
  • Has insulation
  • Variety of colors


  • Straps can be uncomfortable
  • No neutral colors

Fluterscooter Alto Flute Bag

If you play the alto flute a lot, you should look at the Fluterscooter Alto Flute Bag. This black patent leather bag fits alto flute cases up to 20 inches long, and it can fit a C flute as well.

Like the other Fluterscooter bags, there’s plenty of room for accessories in the main compartment and the front pocket. The straps are similar to those on the Wine Bag, so it looks like a designer purse.

It’s also weatherproof, so you can take your flutes anywhere. You don’t have to worry about rain getting to your flute case or to your flute itself, but you’ll need to save up to buy this bag.


  • Fits an alto flute
  • Space for another instrument
  • Good quality materials
  • Weatherproof
  • Black


  • Not vegan
  • Very expensive

Fluterscooter Music Bag

Fluterscooter Music Bag

Originally called the Fluterscooter Clarinet Bag, this bag is great for flute and piccolo players. It’s not quite long enough to fit your flute, but it can fit quite a few piccolos.

The bag is also the perfect size for storing paper sheet music or a small iPad. You can fit tons more accessories, like flute and piccolo stands, cleaning supplies, or even your phone and keys.

If you play piccolo in an orchestra and want multiple models on hand, this is a great addition to another flute bag. You can swap out piccolos based on the piece you play, so you can get the sound you want.


  • For piccolo players
  • Fits multiple instruments and accessories
  • Great for sheet music
  • Stylish design
  • Neutral color


  • Won’t fit a flute
  • A bit expensive

Beaumont Sheet Music Bag

Beaumont Sheet Music Bag

The Beaumont Sheet Music Bag is another good option for storing and carrying piccolos. As the name suggests, it’s a nice size for storing sheet music.

This bag is a bit more affordable than the Fluterscooter Music Bag, but it’s also not as thick. That means water might get through and ruin your piccolo or whatever you keep inside.

However, it has a front pocket where you can store accessories, like pencils or cleaning supplies. It’s a good option for carrying your piccolo if you already have a Beaumont flute case since those only fit one flute.


  • Fits a piccolo
  • Good for sheet music
  • Has a front pocket
  • Decent price
  • Comes in different patterns


  • Thin material
  • Not the most comfortable to carry

Altieri Flute and Laptop Backpack

Altieri Flute and Laptop Backpack

While I don’t own one, I’ve heard a lot about Altieri bags and how good they are. The Altieri Flute and Laptop Backpack looks like an ordinary backpack, but it has a special design to fit your instrument.

Some backpacks aren’t quite tall enough to fit a flute, but this one is great. You can keep sheet music in the front pocket of the bag, and the insulation protects your instruments when inside.

This bag has a sleeve so that you can rest it on the back of a suitcase and roll the two easily. If you buy the bag from Altieri, you can choose from different colors and patterns.


  • Fits your flute
  • Has a pocket for sheet music
  • Good for travel
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy to carry


  • Expensive for what it is
  • Not the most stylish

Altieri Alto Flute and Laptop Backpack

Altieri Alto Flute and Laptop Backpack

The Altieri Alto Flute and Laptop Backpack is a similar style, but it’s slightly longer. That allows you to store an alto flute in the bag, and you can also keep your C flute and piccolo with the alto.

It features the same backpack straps and sleeve as the regular flute backpack. You also get the insulation and a water-resistant outer shell to keep your flutes safe.

Similar to the regular backpack, this one comes in different colors if you go to the Altieri website. But like the other model, this one isn’t for casual players or anyone on a tight budget.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Good design
  • Fits multiple flutes
  • Suitable for travel
  • Insulation


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Too big for just a C flute

Altieri Flute and Piccolo Combo Compact Traveler

Altieri Flute and Piccolo Combo Compact Traveler

If you like Altieri bags but don’t want a backpack, you’re in luck. The Altieri Flute and Piccolo Combo Compact Traveler is an excellent model for the flute and piccolo player.

This bag fits a C flute and piccolo, and you can even add a second or third flute. It comes with an outside pocket that can fit sheet music and other accessories, so you can keep everything together.

There’s a handle as well as a shoulder strap, and you can take the strap off. Meanwhile, the bag has four layers of material to protect your flutes.


  • Fits multiple instruments
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Suitable for accessories
  • Good for travel
  • Durable


Embark Jartop Elite Backpack

Embark Jartop Elite Backpack

While it’s not technically a flute bag, I’ve used the Embark Jartop Elite Backpack as a flute bag. The backpack is tall enough to fit your flute or even an alto flute (as long as you don’t have much else in the bag).

There are tons of pockets, so you can store sheet music and accessories with your flute. Of course, it also has room for your piccolo, so you can keep that on hand.

On the back, you’ll find a laptop compartment, which is nice for a laptop or an iPad, if you use one for sheet music. Meanwhile, you have room in the smaller compartments to store your keys and phone.


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Fits different flutes
  • Space for sheet music
  • Good for students


  • Thin material
  • A bit large

How to Choose a Flute Bag

Before you buy the first flute bag you find, you should consider how to choose the right one for you. A good bag can go a long way, especially if you take your flute out of the house a lot.

I’ve tried a few different bags to carry my various flutes around, and each one has pros and cons. As you shop for your next flute bag, consider a few factors.

Then, you can get a bag that meets your needs and reduce the chances of having buyer’s remorse.

Consider Your Flutes

First, you should think about the number and types of flutes you want to carry in your bag. Some players only play the C flute, so they can get away with a smaller bag.

As someone who also plays the piccolo and alto flute, I like having bags that fit those instruments. I’ve used my Fluterscooter bag to carry my flute and piccolo, and the alto flute goes in my Embark backpack.

Knowing what flutes you want to store and carry can help you research the dimensions of bags. Then, you’ll have plenty of room for everything.

Don’t Forget Accessories

You might also need room for accessories, such as cleaning supplies and a flute stand. If you play a lot of piccolo, consider if there’s room for a pair of earplugs.

Most good flute bags have at least a bit of space for accessories. But you should think about any larger items, such as sheet music, an iPad, or a bigger flute stand.

Then, you can make sure to purchase a flute bag that will fit your instruments and the gear you need. You won’t have to carry an extra bag just to fit everything.

Think About the Handles

It may seem silly, but the handles and straps can be a big difference in your experience using the bag. I chose the Fluterscooter Cedar Wood Bag over something colorful because of the straps.

Look for straps that won’t dig into your shoulder or fingers. Then, you’ll enjoy carrying the bag to rehearsals and concerts, and you can show off your style.

Even if a bag fits all of your instruments and accessories, it could still be uncomfortable. The last thing you want is for your bag to hurt you and keep you from playing.

Know Your Budget

You should also think about how much you can afford to spend on a new flute bag. Some of the options cost less than $50, while others top $200.

The good news is that you can find bags in a variety of sizes at all price points. So if you need a bigger bag, you may be able to get one for a relatively affordable price.

Another option is to go with a used bag, or you can get a cheaper bag now and upgrade later. Then, you can still get a bag that meets your needs while you save up for something more expensive.

Remember the Music

Some flute bags fit sheet music, while others are only good for your instruments. If you have a lot of stuff to carry, it makes sense to look for a bag that combines both.

The Altieri bags and any other backpack can fit sheet music and your flute. Then, you don’t have to carry two bags just to take your instrument and music to a rehearsal.

Now, if you don’t mind carrying something extra, you can get a smaller flute bag. Still, it’s important to know if you’re okay with carrying two bags instead of one.

Start With the Basics

If you want to collect flute bags, your first one should be in a neutral color, like black or brown. When you’re playing a concert, you’ll be able to keep your bag under your seat, and it will be less obvious to the audience.

I love a good colorful case, but it can stick out like a sore thumb. However, a black or brown bag can blend in, depending on the color of the stage floor.

You can always get a colorful bag later, but it’s good to have a neutral one for performances. Then, you don’t have to bring a bunch of accessories on stage without somewhere to store them.

Look for Insulation

One of the most vital factors in choosing a flute bag is if it has insulation. This is particularly important when you take your flute inside and outside between locations.

Good insulation can keep your flute dry in the rain. It can also protect your instrument when it’s really hot or really cold outside, which is essential if you have a wood piccolo.

If your bag itself doesn’t have insulation, consider if it will fit your flute within its case cover. Most covers that come with flutes have insulation.

Review Carry-On Dimensions

If you tend to travel with your flutes a lot, you need a bag that you can take on the plane. Don’t check your flute ever because you don’t have control over what happens to it.

Selecting a flute bag that fits the carry-on requirements can help you get it in the cabin. Then, you can store it at your feet or in an overhead bin.

FAQs About the Best Flute Bag Options

Question: Why do you need a flute bag?

Answer: You need a flute bag to keep all of your accessories in one place because flute cases don’t usually work for that. A case cover may only fit a few things, whereas a bag will have more room.
If you play the flute and piccolo, a flute bag should fit both instruments. Then, you can keep them together and prepare for when you need to play them.

Question: Are expensive flute bags always better?

Answer: Expensive flute bags can be good, but they aren’t always the best. Sometimes, a more affordable option will better suit your needs, so don’t only look at the price.
Consider the sizing, colors, and dimensions to decide which bag to get. Then, you can enjoy using your flute bag for the foreseeable future.

Question: How much should you spend on a flute bag?

Answer: The amount you should spend on a flute bag depends on a lot of things. You should consider how often you’ll use the bag as well as how much you play.
It also helps to consider how long you can expect a bag to last. A more expensive bag might actually cost less per use than a cheaper bag that will break within a month.

Final Note on the Best Flute Bag Options

Whether you’re new to the flute or have played for years, you may have thought about getting a special bag. The best flute bag options can protect your instrument and help you look stylish.

I’d recommend starting with the Protec Flute Case Cover since it’s affordable and comes in different colors. After a while, you can look at Fluterscooter or Altieri bags when you have more money to spend and know what you need specifically.

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