Cecilio CCO 100 Review and Guide

Do you want to learn the cello or start playing it again after a break? Consider our Cecilio CCO-100 review and guide to see if this model is the best cello for you.

There are a lot of cellos out there, and some are quite expensive. So being able to spend a few hundred on one that works well may sound like a dream, but does the Cecilio CCO-100 make that dream come true?

Bottom Line Up Front

The Cecilio CCO-100 is useful for beginners who aren’t sure if they like the cello. But most other players will find that it limits them, either in their tone, technique, or some other area.

About the Cecilio CCO-100

The Cecilio CCO-100 is the company’s most basic cello model, so it’s an intriguing option for beginners. You’ll find that it’s much cheaper than a lot of beginner cellos, which can be nice if you have a tight budget.

When shopping for your first cello, you have to rely on the instrument. Experienced players can use their skills to make an okay cello sound amazing, but that’s not the case when you’re first learning.

Before you buy the CCO-100 or any other cello, you should consider if it’s a good model for you. Then, you’ll be able to make the best purchase decision to help learn music.

How It Works


The Cecilio CCO-100 works the same as any other cello. It has four strings that you can pluck or bow to get a sound that will vibrate inside the body of the instrument.

As a beginner, you’ll start learning the first position, which is where you put your left hand near the top of the fingerboard. But once you gain experience, you can learn to play in different positions, so you can play higher notes.

Unfortunately, you may find it difficult to get the best possible sound from the cello. Compared to more expensive instruments, this one has some limitations, even for players with experience.


Like many cellos, this one uses spruce on the top of the body. Cecilio claims that the spruce is crack-proof, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it could crack with enough pressure or in extreme enough temperatures.

Maple makes up the back, neck, and sides of the body, and that wood can help the sound resonate. Meanwhile, the ebony fingerboard and fittings help make the cello comfortable to play.

You’ll need to set up the bridge when you get the cello, so you may want to have a teacher to help. The bridge requires setup so that it doesn’t crack in transit.

This cello comes with pegs to start the tuning process and fine tuners to adjust the pitch even more. Plus, you can choose from a 1/2, 3/4, or 4/4 size so that it’s not too big or small for you.

Along with the natural wood finish, you can get this cello in purple or black. However, I wouldn’t recommend either color because they won’t fit in visually with an orchestral cello section, so you may not get to play in a group.

What You Get

cecilio cco

When buying any instrument, it can help to get some accessories. Luckily, Cecilio includes quite a few things with the purchase of your cello.

You’ll receive a Brazilwood bow, which is a common bow wood. Along with the bow, you get some rosin to help the bow glide over the strings easily.

There’s also an extra set of cello strings in case your strings break and you need a quick replacement. You even get a cello stand to use when you need to take a break but don’t want to put your cello in a case.

Speaking of which, everything comes in a soft case with backpack straps. Just make sure you’re careful because a soft case can’t protect against serious damage like a hard case can.


  • Suitable for new players
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Woods sound good together
  • Easy to set up


  • Not the best for advanced players
  • The case isn’t super protective

Overview of Cecilio Cellos

When shopping for an affordable cello, you may find that Cecilio has multiple models. The CCO-100 is the most basic version, but you can also get the CCO-500 which is supposedly an intermediate-level cello.

Cecilio also makes the CECO-3BK, which is an electric model. You can find others when they’re in stock, but I don’t know that I’d recommend any of them other than the electric cello.

After looking at each model, I can’t tell what the differences are except for the price. Sure, some are available in more sizes than others, but if you’re going to get a Cecilio cello, you might as well go with the cheapest one.

Where to Buy the Cecilio CCO-100

I found the Cecilio CCO-100 online on places like Amazon and eBay. You might be able to find the Cecilio cello in other stores, but I couldn’t find it from specific music retailers, like WWBW or Music & Arts.

If you shop around, you may be able to find one from an individual who’s looking to sell it. The price for a used one may be even better than the price for a new cello.

However, I wouldn’t recommend buying a used Cecilio cello from anyone.

For one, Cecilio cellos aren’t as reputable as other brands. They don’t have a history of lasting years or generations, and someone selling it is probably doing so to just get rid of it.

Odds are, the seller has gotten most of the use out of that particular instrument. You may be able to use the cello you buy, but you might need to upgrade within a few months.

Normally, buying a used instrument can be a great way to save money and still get something good. But Cecilio cellos aren’t as good as other brands, and you may not be able to save much on a used one anyway.

Special Concerns to Know

ccco 100 cecillio

Before buying any cello, especially online, you should know as much about the brand and model as possible. After a brief look at the Cecilio CCO-100, you may not think there’s anything wrong with it.

However, some of these concerns have nothing to do with the cello itself. Instead, you should consider the instrument and how it fits into what you want to get out of playing the cello.

Here are a few things I’d highly suggest you consider or figure out before buying your next instrument.

Cecilio’s Reputation

If you ask a professional musician or music teacher about Cecilio instruments, you can expect a couple of responses. You might get someone who says that they’re not worth your time.

Some may say that the instruments are actually instrument-shaped objects (ISOs). That means they look good, and you can turn them into decor for your home.

Others may talk about how you get what you pay for when buying an instrument. If you get a cheap Cecilio, you can’t expect to sound like Yo-Yo Ma, even with years of training.

Your Skills

cco 100

Another factor to consider before you buy the Cecilio CCO-100 is your current level as a cellist. If you’ve never played the instrument, you may want to test it out.

I was fortunate enough to have access to an instrument rental program growing up. But I know a lot of people don’t have that, so Cecilio instruments can serve a similar purpose.

You can buy the cello for relatively cheap to figure out if you want to take the cello more seriously. If not, you’ll only be out a few hundred dollars rather than a few thousand.

And if you do want to continue, you can use the cello and save up for something better. However, anyone with any cello experience should look elsewhere because this cello is mainly for beginners.

Your Goals

You should also think about what you want to do with the cello. Cecilio instruments probably aren’t going to get you into music school or a professional gig setting.

However, they can be useful if you need to practice for short periods. They’re also useful if you need to travel and want to practice but don’t need a better cello.

Similarly, you can use a Cecilio cello as a backup in case you need to send your better one out for repairs. That way, you don’t have to take a long break from practicing.

Regardless of your experience, if you just want to play for fun, you may find the CCO-100 meets your needs. But I’d recommend against this brand for professionals and aspiring professionals.

Various Requirements


Think about any requirements you or a cello or music teacher has for your instrument. You may need a cello of a certain size so that you don’t have to strain to reach the different notes.

An orchestra teacher or director may only allow wood models, so you can stay away from a black cello. If you want to take private lessons, a cello teacher might want you to get a certain brand.

These kinds of requirements can make a huge difference when buying an instrument. The last thing you want is to spend money (even a little bit) on an instrument you can’t use.

Other Cellos to Compare

When I’ve looked into buying a new instrument, I have only once just tried one model and bought it. And I was lucky because other times, I didn’t buy the model I tried first.

So even if you’re leaning toward the Cecilio CCO-100, I encourage you to try some other options. You may find the Cecilio meets your needs the best, but you might discover another cello is a better fit.

Consider the following cello models for beginners and compare them to the Cecilio to help choose the right one for you.

Yamaha AVC5

Yamaha AVC5

The Yamaha AVC5 is an excellent beginner model, and it has the same woods as the Cecilio. Spruce and maple make up the body to help you get a rich sound, and the rosewood fittings work well to help you tune and play the cello.

Yamaha follows educational standards to meet the needs of students, so it’s great for anyone in an orchestra. Professional cellists help finish the production process so that it’s ready to play.

You can choose from sizes as small as 1/4, so it’s great for students of all ages. However, it is quite a bit more expensive than the Cecilio.


  • Great quality
  • Variety of sizes
  • Professional adjustments
  • Meets educational standards
  • Suitable for use in an orchestra


  • Not very affordable
  • Not as many accessories included

D Z Strad 101

D Z Strad 101

Another alternative to compare to the Cecilio CCO-100 is the D Z Strad 101. This handmade cello is fantastic for beginners and anyone returning to the cello after a bit of a break.

You can get a round sound with the spruce top as well as the maple back and sides. Ebony fittings round out the construction, and it’s an excellent model to play on.

This model comes in sizes as small as 1/8, which is suitable for young kids. If your child wants to learn an instrument, this is the one to choose for the start of their musical education.


  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Handmade features
  • Easy to tune
  • Nice tone
  • Traditional design


  • A bit expensive

Cremona SC-130

Cremona SC-130

The Cremona SC-130 is yet another amazing beginner cello, and it’s a bit closer in price to the Cecilio. While it’s a bit more expensive, this model is very basic and has what you need to start playing.

Maple and spruce make up the body, while there are ebony fittings. The bow has a nice balance, so it’s easy to use to play and get an even sound.

Overall, this cello is lightweight, so it’s nice for travel and use in different settings. You can choose from sizes ranging from 1/4 to 4/4, which makes it great for kids and adults.


  • Different sizes available
  • Lightweight for travel
  • Nice balance
  • Suitable for different settings
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t come with many accessories

FAQs About A Cecilio CCO-100 Review and Guide

Question: Are Cecilio cellos any good?

Answer: Cecilio cellos are good if you aren’t expecting the best of the best. I wouldn’t recommend them to intermediate or advanced players, but they come in handy for beginners looking to try out the instrument.
Casual players of any level may find Cecilio is great because it’s affordable. If you don’t have lofty goals of performing in Carnegie Hall, you may get the value you need, but there are much better options out there.

Question: Who should play a Cecilio cello?

Answer: I wouldn’t say anyone should play a Cecilio cello over another brand. But if you can’t afford a better model and also don’t have access to a cello rental, you can get away with the CCO-100.
You may also want to get the Cecilio if you like to practice on vacation. If you don’t have a gig on your travels, you can practice and not worry about losing your good cello or having it get damaged.

Question: Can you make the Cecilio CCO-100 better?

Answer: Fortunately, you can make a few small tweaks to make the most of your Cecilio CCO-100. You can swap out the strings for a set from a brand like D’Addario, where the strings are more durable and can offer a better tone.
Another option is to get a different bow from a specialist bow maker to improve your sound. You may also want some new rosin, which can affect how the bow glides over the strings.

Question: What happens if your Cecilio cello breaks?

Answer: Cecilio cellos come with a one-year warranty, so you can contact the company if something happens in that time. But the warranty only covers manufacturer problems, not something like you dropping the cello.
After that period, you can take it to a repair tech. However, some techs won’t work on Cecilio instruments because the repair costs are often higher than the value of the instrument, so you’re better off getting a new cello.

Final Note on the Cecilio CCO-100 Review and Guide

I’d only recommend the cello to beginners and casual players. Advanced players who need a backup may get some use out of it, but you have better options to compare.

Instead, consider the Yamaha or Cremona cellos. They offer better quality construction, so you can get more of your money’s worth.

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