How to Find the Best Cello Stand

Half the battle of perfecting your cello playability capabilities comes from learning how to master your instrument. The other half? Keeping your instrument safe from accidents that could end the life of your beautiful instrument. 

If you’re a beginning cellist, a cellist stand may not seem like something that’s important for you to invest your money in upfront. However, a cello stand will give you a spot to store your instrument Without having to worry about the overall safety of your instrument. 

There’s a lot of benefits that come with having a cello stand. As a cellist, I know the stress that comes along when you have someone walk into your music room, a little too close to your precious cello (I’ve named mine Martha). But with all of the different types of cello stands on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the best option for you and your cello.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! 

Bottom line up front: Cellos are very heavy instruments, and sadly, a lot of players result ot hiding these beautiful instruments inside of cases. Thankfully, cello stands can be used to put your instrument on display and keep it protected.

The cello stand that I would recommend the most is the PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand. I personally love how stylish this cello stand is, but it’s also super easy to use. Not to mention, the portability is a huge plus too. 

My Top Picks

  • Best Overall: PATITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand
  • Best Foldable: Ingles Adjustable Folding Cello/Bass Stand
  • Budget Friendly: Merano Cello Stand
  • Best for Professionals: Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand
  • Best Wooden Cello Stand: Strad Ornate Carved Wooden Cello

Why Should You Use a Cello Stand?

There are many different reasons why you should use a cello stand. Not every cello player will have the same reasons behind why they want to use a stand. But, every cellist can benefit from using a cello stand.

In my personal opinion, I like using my cello stand because… I’m lazy. Using a cello stand makes it so much easier for me to grab my instrument, practice for a bit, and then I can set it right back down. I don’t have to spend a lot of time packing up and unpacking my instrument. Plus, I feel like my instrument is a lot safer because I’m not packing and unpacking it. 

Others, who are less lazy than I, like to use a cello stand to display their instrument. I think homes look super classy when they have a cello on display. Even though I have a cello in my home, I always am impressed with how fancy a home looks with a cello sitting in a room.

I have heard some people use cello stands as motivation to practice. I don’t feel like it really makes much of a difference for me. But I know it works for some people.

My Best Cello Stand Buying Tips

Cello Stand

Now, would I be a very good friend to you if I didn’t share my top tips for buying a cello stand with you? I personally don’t think so.

I’m here to share my best cello stand buying tips with you. I wouldn’t say these tips are necessarily top secret, so if you want to share with a friend, go ahead! 

Metal or Wood

First, you need to consider whether or not you want a metal or a wood stand. You can choose the cello stand material you want based on the aesthetic it’ll bring into your home and the durability it offers.


Obviously, you’re going to want to find a cello stand that fits your cello and can support its weight. It would be absolute NIGHTMARE if you bought a cello stand, only to have it fall apart under the immense weight of your cello. 


Cello’s a hard enough instrument to learn. I didn’t want your journey of finding a cello stand to be any difficult. So, I made sure all of the cello stands I’m recommending are readily available and easy to find. 

Selection Criteria

All of the cello stands I’ve recommended in this guide are stands I’ve tested out and would personally recommend to you. I chose these stands based on durability, quality of the overall construction, availability, and positive customer experiences (along with my own). Now, to the fun part!

My Best Recommendations 

Best Overall: PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand

PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand

The PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand is the best option on this list, in my opinion. What I love most about this foldable cello stand is that it’s super portable. You can carry the cello stand around with you or just keep it in one spot in your home.

Since it’s so small, I personally like you’re throwing this stand in my car and moving it around when I knew that I was going to be switching in between instruments and performances. Even better, I love that this cello stand came with a bow holder.

The suggestible foldable cellist and not work by folding down rods for protection and locks your cello into place. This adjustable foldable cello stand works great for both acoustic and electric cellos; it’s truly a universal stand that works great, not only for cellos but bass to.


  • Super travel friendly
  • Folds away, making it super easy to transport around and store away when you aren’t using it
  • Your cello won’t rub against any metal, ensuring your instrument stays safe
  • Super durable and sturdy frame


  • I didn’t like the smell of the stand; it had a very strong chemical smell

Best Foldable: Ingles Adjustable Folding Cello/Bass Stand SA-22

Ingles Adjustable Folding Cello/Bass Stand SA-22

If you’re looking for a different foldable adjustable cello stand, look no further than the Ingles Adjustable Folding Cello and Bass Stand. While this didn’t win for ‘Best Overall’, this is another great foldable cello stand to consider. It’s made with plastic and foam, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less turdy than a metal stand.

This is a great stand to look into getting if you’re looking for a stand that’ll work for both your cello and your bass. I love that this foldable stand also has a bow holder, which, surprisingly, isn’t as commonly found on a lot of stands as you would think.

With this cello stand, I really loved keeping it in the corner of my room. This stand, at least for me, wasn’t as portable as my #1 pick. But, it did make a great setup of a stand for keeping my instrument readily available to play. 

What I love most about this stand is that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. But, I don’t like dragging this stand around, simply because it’s a lot heavier than my favorite stand. 


  • Comes with safety bar locks that fold down
  • The overall height is adjustable for the stand
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of room
  • Comes with a bow holder


  • Heavy

Budget-Friendly: Merano Cello Stand

Merano Cello Stand

If you’re not looking to invest a lot of money into a cello stand, you should look into investing in the Merano Cello Stand. This is a wonderful metal cello stand; but the biggest downside to this stand is that it doesn’t come with a bow holder.

A lot of beginning cellists like this stand because it’s super affordable, very lightweight, and easy to carry around. I do think this is a well-built cello stand; it’s tough and will hold its own. But, because it doesn’t have a bow holder and a lot of other bells and whistles that other cello stands come with, I think this is the best option for people on a strict budget. 


  • Super lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Very sturdy – this doesn’t feel like a cheap stand
  • Easy to hold up


  • Doesn’t come with a bow holder

Best for Professionals: Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand

Vio Music Cello Wooden Stand

This is a super fancy cello stand. It comes with a velvet plush cushion on the inside of the wooden stand. Plus, it comes with a bow holder. If you’re looking for a luxurious stand to hold onto your cello, look into this beauty. I personally love that this cello stand is handmade; it’s simply breathtaking. And while it’s glamorous to look it, it’s still super useful. 

And while the plush is beautiful to look at, it serves a purpose too. It gives your cello a soft spot to rest while providing it with an additional layer of protection. 


  • Handcarved
  • Super sturdy
  • Beautiful to look at
  • Comes with a bow holder


  • You can’t adjust this stand

Best Wooden Cello Stand: Strad Ornate Carved Wooden Cello

Strad Ornate Carved Wooden Cello

If you’re not a huge fan of metal or plastic cello stands, I understand. The Strad Ornate Carved wooden cello stand is just as much of a piece of art as your cello is. While there isn’t a bow holder on this stand, the stunning hard-carved scrolls make up for the lack of a bow holder for me. I really love how I can see the entirety of my cell with this stand and that the bottom isn’t hidden away in the box that’s supporting my instrument.

However, this isn’t a portable stand. It’s super heavy, which would be a good thing, especially if you’re worried about the stand getting knocked over while you’re playing your cello.


  • Displays your entire cello
  • Made completely out of wood
  • Hand-carved


  • Very heavy
  • No bow holder


Question: Should I Use a Cello Stand?

Answer: Yes, you should use a cello stand! Adding a cello stand to your home, your office, your practice room, or wherever you so please is a great idea. Not only does it add a level of elegance to wherever you store your cello. But, it makes safely storing your instrument easy!

Question: What is the Best Way to Store a Cello?

Answer: You should always store your cello in a room that has a stable level of humidity and a consistent temperature. In addition, you should always avoid storing your cello in a room that’s too hot or too cold. If you were to store your cello in a room that doesn’t have temperature and humidity levels under control, it could cause the neck of your cello to crack or warp.

Question: Can a Guitar Stand Hold a Cello?

Answer: No, your average guitar stand can’t hold a cello. You would have to invest in a cello/guitar stand that was specially made to hold both instruments. However, this isn’t something that’s readily available. 


There you have it! Buying a cello stand doesn’t have to be as scary and intimidating as buying your cello was. Thankfully, there are many trustworthy models on the market. Overall, I would highly recommend the PAITITI Adjustable Foldable Cello Stand.

It’s portable, easy to carry around, and super sturdy. It’s basically everything you could ever want in a cello stand, minus the bells and whistles.

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